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8 Tools To Receive Healing- #1 Speak to It


As we begin our exploration into the 8 tools to receive your healing, we start out with the most powerful and least used of them all. If you need healing or desire to minister to the sick, this one tool alone will work for you 100% of the time. Today we are going to discuss the first tool: Speaking directly to it.

Do you know what the greatest gift given to mankind is? The gift of intelligent speech. The ability to speak a thing and it come to pass. For many people however this has been their greatest curse. In the book of Genesis, we see the blueprint of God, the Creator. The Spirit moved, then God spoke, and boom! it happened.  We were created in God’s image and likeness and therefore we have the ability to do the same exact thing. The whole universe was created to respond to your words. So what are you saying today?

One of the most powerful passages in scripture is when Jesus explains this in Mark 11. In verse 14, he speaks directly to the fig tree, saying ‘No man eat fruit of thee hereafter for ever.’ Later they found this fig tree dried up from the roots up. The disciples were astonished and asked how he was able to do this. His explanation: whatever you say, if you believe it, and do not doubt in your heart, it will come to pass.

Now this is a very simple scripture, yet I see very few people actually acting upon it. It does not say anything about prayer (the next verse does, but not verse 23), it does not say anything about God the Father, or anything spiritual.  It says to just speak, and you shall have what was spoken (if you don’t doubt in your heart).  The authority you have as a man is found in your tongue. This is true of all men (and women). This is why you were created, to have authority on the earth. How much more so for those who have the power of the Holy Spirit dwelling inside of them?

Those of us who have become Sons and Daughters of the Most High God have been given not only authority, but supernatural ability. Jesus said whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven. So how do you release this binding and loosing power? You release it with the power of your tongue.

A few years ago I was out with a team ministering to people outside of a local hospital in Atlanta. As we approached a couple who was dealing with some form of sickness, one of the members of the team asked to pray for them, and the prayer went something like this, ‘Dear heavenly Father, we ask that you heal this couple who loves you so very much. We ask that your healing power fix what is wrong and make it right. We know you are a healing God. We come before you now and ask you in Jesus name.’ Nothing happened.  Now this is a type of prayer that millions are probably praying across the world right now, ‘Asking God to heal so and so’. And it doesn’t work most of the time.

Notice Jesus did not pray to the heavenly Father to shrivel up the fig tree. He just spoke to it directly. In fact there is little in the New Testament about ‘praying’ for healing. You release the power of God by speaking faith filled words out of your mouth.  Healing is very similar to deliverance, in that you just speak with authority telling whatever foul spirit to come out in Jesus name. Stop looking up to heaven to deal with the situation that He left you in charge to deal with. He has empowered you to handle it, and given you the tools to handle it.  These demons are running around like outlaws because they know that most Christians will not take authority and send them back to hell. You don’t think the demons know spiritual laws? They know that it is illegal for God to act without human intervention, so they just run wild putting sickness and disease on people. Or they convince people to say stupid things out of their mouths, which brings sickness on them. Things like, ‘My mother had breast cancer, it’s only a matter of time before I get it too,’ or ‘It’s flu season, I’m developing a fever’.

Minister Smith Wigglesworth once told an illustration about an elderly lady who was walking out to the bus station, and her little dog followed her. As the bus was coming she tells the little dog to go back to the house, but the dog doesn’t move. She says it again, but the little dog still doesn’t go back to the house. So as the bus is approaching the stop, with a loud voice, she screams, “Now Get!! Off you go back to the house!” After this the dog jumped and ran back to her house. This is an anlogy as to how we should speak with authority to claim your healing or deliverance. Nothing happens when you speak like you don’t really mean it. It doesn’t have to be a loud voice, but a voice with emotion that says you mean business.

So speak to whatever the ailment is. If it is arthritis, speak directly to the arthritis and tell it to go in the Name of Jesus. Speak directly to it, and it must obey you, it has not choice.

Keep speaking it! Don’t come off of it.  Either one of two things will happen, either you will quit and change what you are saying, or the situation will change. But change is going to come one way or the other.

As a Spirit filled Son of God, when you speak a word, the demons don’t know if it is you saying it or Jesus, all they see is the blood you are covered in. And from the last time they were defeated 2000 years ago, they are not willing to take that chance!


  1. P. MASIH
    P. MASIH12-31-2012

    our family is in dire straits! a couple of weeks ago – we received some devastating news. My aunty Martha was PERFECTLY NORMAL / HEALTHY – when suddenly she had excruciating pain in her back. was rushed to hospital – where they did scans tests etc. and diagnosed a very aggressive cancerous tumour. PLEASE PRAY FOR HER TOTAL HEALING / DELIVERANCE. SHE IS THE HEALED OF THE LORD – AMEN. AND WILL LIVE TO PROCLAIM THE PRAISES OF HER LORD JEHOVAH RAPHAE.

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