8 Tools to Receive Healing- #7 Speaking in Tongues


The seventh tool to receive healing is speaking in your heavenly language. This is truly a mystery to many people, yet I hope to demystify it for all. Speaking in your heavenly language, (or speaking in an unknown tongue) on a regular basis is one of the most productive things you can do to receive healing and maintain your health.


In the first tool we discussed the importance of speaking, and speaking the Word of God. In the 3rd  tool, we discussed the power of praying the prayer of faith (prayer of agreement). There is tremendous power made available when you speak, and even more power when you get God involved by speaking the Word of God. However, there is one limitation to praying or speaking in your native language.  You are limited by your mind, because you can only pray or speak about those things that you are made aware of.

As much as God loves us, it is illegal for Him to come down here on earth and intervene on your behalf without your involvement. He has given you authority and free will, so you must choose to get Him involved by using the authority He has given you (with the power of the words of your mouth). Death and life are in the power of your tongue, and whatever you choose, God will respect and honor your decision. He will even respect your decision to reject him and spend eternity in Hell, even though He loves you dearly. Those are the rules.

When you speak in tongues, you give the the Holy Spirit permission to use your voice to release the hidden plans and mysteries of God. This allows you to speak of things that are beyond your mental capability. You literally allow Him to act on your behalf. Paul explains this in Romans 8:26-28, when he says the Spirit, which searches the minds of men and knows what is in the heart of God, intercedes for us according to the will of God, through groanings that cannot be uttered.

So by speaking in tongues you give God a legal right to intervene in your life, beyond the regular things that you would normally know to pray for. It is your secret weapon. A weapon by which the devil has no answer. The only thing the devil can do is convince you not to do it.

According to Jude 20, praying in tongues, also builds yourself up. So praying in tongues builds up your spirit, and prays the perfect will of God, but are there other benefits that we might not have been aware of?

I’m glad you asked.

Several years ago, a brain specialist at Oral Roberts University, Dr. Carl Peterson conducted a study to investigate how speaking in tongues affects the body. In his research, he discovered that as individuals speak in tongues, the brain amazingly secretes 2 chemicals into the body. These chemicals have been proven to boost the immune system 35-40%. Yet the truly amazing thing about his research is that these chemicals are only released when a person is praying in the Spirit.

It is as if God developed our bodies with such precision that He knew that whenever there is a problem, praying in tongues would automatically help your body to repair itself. Isn’t that wonderful?


Recent studies have proven even more exciting information regarding the benefits of speaking in tongues. Here is what the scientific community has found:


  1. Stress levels are dramatically reduced in the body
  2. Brain releases endorphins (same chemicals that the body releases after exercising)
  3. Blood pressure is greatly reduced

ABC News did a recent medical study on tongues, with some astounding results. Click here to watch

Speaking in tongues is truly an amazing gift that Jesus has given us. It is to be used daily, throughout the day. I understand that there still is great controversy surrounding the concept of speaking of tongues, but if you were the devil, wouldn’t you want as few people as possible speaking in tongues?

Could anyone who is truly on Team Jesus be against people using such an amazing and powerful gift? Yet there are thousands of pastors each week who speak against it and condemn those who do it. So sad.

We are just now scratching the surface of the powerful abilities that come with this gift, as it basically vanished off the face of the earth since the days of the  early church until just about a 100 years ago. There is still a lot to learn!

It is a free gift from God, and essential to fully walking out the fullness of your calling. Speaking in tongues releases the hidden wisdom of God, and makes it attainable to us.  Through faith, it has been made available to all us.

Quick clarification: Praying in tongues by yourself directly to God is different than the gift of tongues. Praying in tongues is a private gift given to you in which you speak directly to God and build up your spirit. The gift of tongues (as one of the 9 gifts of the Spirit) is used to minister to another person (similar to prophecy) and should only be used when someone can interpret. Many people confuse the two and therefore think that tongues should not be used (because there is no one there to interpret). This article is referencing the private prayer language between you and God, not the gift of tongues, that is a separate topic we will address later.

Praying in tongues is to be used on a regular basis, as Paul said in 1 Corinthians ‘forbid not to speak in tongues’ and also ‘I speak in tongues more than you all’.  If you have not done so, activate your free gift today!

A movie came out about a year ago, called ‘Limitless’ in which the main character would take this pill and instantly his mind capacity was opened and he would have increased intelligence, alertness, and mental capacity.  The more he took the pill the more he was capable of doing, like starting a business,  writing a novel, amassing great wealth, and ultimately run for political office. In the same way, as you take the ‘pill’ of the Holy Spirit and speak in tongues, you will find yourself doing way more than you ever thought you could, and ideas, wisdom, and healing is released to you.

This ‘pill’ has been made available to you, and it has no side effects.

Are you taking it daily?




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