What We Believe

Demonstrate It Ministries is a non denomination movement focused solely on bringing the good news of the kingdom of God directly to the people. We are a diverse group of individuals from all nations, cultures, races, and ages who believe in doing ministry the way that Jesus did it: healings, signs, and wonders.


At Demonstrate It,we believe fully in transforming society with the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit. Just like in the Book of Acts, when the believers entered a city, the rulers of that city shouted, ‘Those that have turned the world upside down, have come here also.’ (Acts 17:6) so it shall be again in these days. We believe that the Holy Spirit has totally been poured out over all the Earth and those that would tap in shall see world-changing results. We go from city to city demonstrating this world-changing power, laying hands on the sick, feeding the needy, cancelling debts, and delivering the captives. In a society which worships every other false god (money, celebrities, etc.) the world needs to know that our heavenly father is the Most High God- El Elyon. We are based in the middle of Hollywood, right among the TMZ cameras and Walk of Fame to bear witness of our God through lifestyle and demonstration, not just simply talking about it.


The ministry is based upon these four fundamental truths:

  1. Jesus Christ is the Son of God, the Word of God, and cannot fail. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.
  2. Everywhere He went, He totally destroyed the works of the devil.
  3. Through faith in Jesus, we have become born again sons of The Most High God and made joint heirs with Christ.
  4. Because of the first 3 truths, now everywhere we go, we totally destroy the works of the devil


The mission of Demonstrate It is two-fold, one for the world and one for the church. To the world, our mission is to showcase God’s goodness through healings, signs and wonders. God loves his people so much that He desires to touch them in a tangible way. We believe in demonstrating the Word of God to such an extent, it removes all doubt as to whether Jesus is the true way to God. Just as the name signifies, we are all about demonstration, not debating. By simply loving people and ministering to their needs through the power of the Holy Spirit, souls are won over to Christ.

To the church our mission is to inspire them to do the works of Jesus. In many ways the modern church has become a stagnant, lifeless organization, no different than any other non-profit organization. The church of the book of Acts was an exciting miracle-filled band of radical believers affecting every area of society. So our mission is to inject life to the church regardless of denomination or sector.  In addition we provide tools and training to help believers minister to the lost, and encourage them to walk and talk just like Jesus!


Does this resonate with what God has sent you to do also? If so, consider becoming a Demonstrate Partner

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