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Angels Caught Singing on Tape!! (Listen to the Audio)


This audio is from Kansas City where a group of people were preparing for choir practice at their church. It was seven people rehearsing ‘Hallelujah’ acapella (no instruments) . The just sang the chorus twice to check the sound equipment and their harmony.  When they listened to the playback, they heard thousands of additional voices, instruments such as a harp, trumpets, etc. And even more, they heard a solo (which none of them sang).

This is a very interesting audio, and I’m sure many people will dismiss it. Many times when you experience a miracle everyone around you will be skeptical. But to you it is the most real thing on the planet. For the people who were at that choir rehearsal that day, they know the truth. Listen and form your own conclusion.

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  1. Bhing S. Ebaya
    Bhing S. Ebaya06-04-2012

    i love to hear the angel voice singing halleluyah….

  2. yenne

    does anyone know the translation of what the soloist sang?

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