Become a Demonstrate Partner


So you are ready to become a demonstrator, not just a spectator? Thanks for answering the call. Together we can multiply our resources to truly affect this world.  Covenant is a serious thing to God, so we take this very seriously. Due to the nature of our ministry, we can only disclose vital information to our partners. We cast a wide net, so we attract many skeptics, Pharisees, and others that do not have our best interest. Yet if you would like to be trained in the supernatural and taught how to effectively operate as Christ did in the earth, I will go to the ends of the earth to teach you. So our partnership program is designed only for those who are serious. For a monthly contribution of only $10 you can help see thousands of lives changed throughout the world!


Our Part

  • Travel throughout the nations demonstrating the kingdom of God with signs following
  • Direct access for questions, training, and updates
  • Full length audio MP3 sermons delivered directly to your email address the day after they were preached
  • Periodically offer you special gifts to aid in the development of your spiritual growth
  • Be good stewards and operate with integrity over your financial gift

Your Part

  • Pray for our staff as we enter the ‘trenches of society’ winning the lost
  • Join us when we have events in your area
  • Support us financially with your monthly pledge amount
  • Spread the Word! Encourage others in your town to Demonstrate It!

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