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Can Jesus Really Help My Finances??


Today we are going to encounter the most controversial of all teachings…money. Why talk about money? Because people need it. Don’t act like you don’t. Recently the mega millions lottery was up to several hundred million dollars and many Christians were even playing it. The greatest need that I have seen from most people is not family restoration, healing, or deliverance, but help with finances and freedom from debt. The answers are in the word of God, so why not reveal the truth to the people?

Wait, I thought this ministry Demonstrate It focused on healing, signs, and wonders?? That is true, yet the essence of the ministry is about demonstrating the kingdom of God, and the kingdom of God includes money. Did Jesus talk about money? Yes, in fact he talked more about money and possessions than any other subject. So why would we not talk about it? The people need it. Plus I’m not afraid of the devil or what ‘religious’ people might say.

The world system is totally different than God’s system. In the world system, factors such as who your parents are, your nationality/skin color, or what school you went to all play a major part. But in God’s system, it is all based on who Jesus is. Yet many Christians know God, and give on a regular basis, and very few are living with ‘more than enough’.

Why is that?

The bottom line is that most of God’s people have a dream from God, but cannot step out because they do not have the provision to finance their vision. So they must work a boring 9-5 job that they hate even though God put global ministry on the inside of them…

If I’m speaking to you and you want to learn how to escape the world system of finances/debt and live in the ‘more than enough’ kingdom of God, click here to read the full story

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