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Pastor Creflo Dollar Receives Healing from Prostate Cancer…by just laughing?!


Recently on the Rickey Smiley TV One show, Rickey Smiley interviewed Pastor Creflo Dollar to talk about his upcoming book “Overcoming Fear”. During the interview Pastor Dollar revealed shocking details about his recent battles with prostate cancer. But what was even more shocking was how he was healed from it. The Holy Spirit revealed the scripture in Proverbs 17:22 (A …

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Testimony: Instantly Being Healed of the Flu!!


I was reading the news recently and I noticed that New York declared a public health emergency. So I made a request though Facebook for anyone in NY with the flu to call me. Shortly after the request, a woman calls me, and I prayed with her over the phone. The power of God hit her over the telephone line. …

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8 Tools to Receive Healing- #7 Speaking in Tongues


The seventh tool to receive healing is speaking in your heavenly language. This is truly a mystery to many people, yet I hope to demystify it for all. Speaking in your heavenly language, (or speaking in an unknown tongue) on a regular basis is one of the most productive things you can do to receive healing and maintain your health. …

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