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The Prayer of Faith

8 Tools to Receive Healing- #3 The Prayer of Faith


For today’s study of the 8 tools to Receive Healing, we are discussing the 3rd tool, prayer. Not just any prayer, but the prayer of faith. The prayer of faith is a guaranteed answered prayer, 100% effective. Prayer is one of the most misunderstood things about our walk with the Lord. Prayer has become synonymous with ‘wishing’ in our society. …

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The Name

8 Tools to Receive Healing- #2 The Name of Jesus


Continuing on our study on the 8 tools to receive your healing, today we discuss #2 the name of Jesus. What’s in a name? Quite a lot actually. In our society we put such little importance on the significance of names that the name does not resonate like it should. So what name am I referring to? We’ll get to …

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Speak To It

8 Tools To Receive Healing- #1 Speak to It


As we begin our exploration into the 8 tools to receive your healing, we start out with the most powerful and least used of them all. If you need healing or desire to minister to the sick, this one tool alone will work for you 100% of the time. Today we are going to discuss the first tool: Speaking directly …

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