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[VIDEO] Woman Uses Her Authority to Stop a Robbery!! (he even pulls a gun out on her)


Now this is what I call authority! A robber enter a store and attempts to do what he pleases. He did not know he would encounter a woman who knows her authority in Christ Jesus! Without wavering she releases words of power and the robber is helpless. The security video shows the robber pull out his gun directly in front …

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Sandiego Healing

Healing miracles in San Diego!! (watch as broken bones are healed)


This past weekend in San Diego we joined the team from Curry Blake’s JGLM. We decided to meet up with them at the North County Mall. Within minutes of me arriving at the mall I encounter 2 guys. One guy on crutches with a hyperextended leg, and his friend had a broken collar bone with his arm in a sling. …

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Little Boy is Hit By a Car- (And Doesn’t Even Have a Scratch?)


Watch as the little boy gets hit head on by a car and walks away without even a scratch! This is a testimony of God’s amazing mercy and grace. The security cameras show that when he gets hit, he falls so gracefully. Even though you can not visibly see any angels, this is definitely the hand of God at work!

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