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No Death

Death Must Let Go!! (watch video of man being raised from the dead)


Death must relinquish its power to the Spirit-filled believer. This video is from Nigeria minister TB Joshua. If this video does not boost your faith, I will fly to your house and come pray for you. In this video, a dead man’s lifeless body is seen with his eyes open, staring blankly. The medical people try hopelessly to revive him …

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03 01

Angels Caught Singing on Tape!! (Listen to the Audio)


This audio is from Kansas City where a group of people were preparing for choir practice at their church. It was seven people rehearsing ‘Hallelujah’ acapella (no instruments) . The just sang the chorus twice to check the sound equipment and their harmony.  When they listened to the playback, they heard thousands of additional voices, instruments such as a harp, trumpets, …

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This Woman was Scheduled for Surgery for Blindness… (but Jesus healed her!)


Here is another amazing video of someone being healed of blindness. This video is from T.B. Joshua in Nigeria. The woman was scheduled to receive a surgical procedure, however the real healer (Jesus) got to her before the surgery.

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