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Celebrities Come to Christ- Megan Fox


Actress Megan Fox, in a  recent interview with Esquire Magazine, describes being filled with the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues. The actress, known for being in Transformers, said she no longer emulates Marilyn Monroe and has gone back to follow the teachings of her childhood church. Many times we assume celebrities are lost and sliding their way to hell. However, God desires to use their platform to reach the masses. Shortly after this article appeared on Yahoo! news, it was trending on Google and Yahoo. People were searching ‘speaking in tongues’ and ‘Holy Spirit’. Around this same time last year, when Tim Tebow miraculously accrued statistics of  ‘316’ causing Google searches for ‘John 3:16’ to soar to an all time high. It was also reported recently that rapper Eminem has given his life to the Lord. God is not afraid to touch those that the church world considers unreachable.

Click here for the Megan Fox interview.

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