Get Involved, Become a Demonstrate Partner today!

Partnering with Demonstrate It Ministries allows believers to join our resources together to impact this nation! Even if you cannot join us physically, by partnership you can be right with us in the malls, grocery stores, streetcorners, malls, and parks. With your monthly support we can touch every household, every demographic, and every city! Do you believe in demonstrating with gospel, with signs following? Then become a Demonstrate Partner today!

By partnering with Demonstrate It Ministries, you go wherever we go. We are in covenant with you. A covenant is a two-way relationship, with each part having a specific part.

We promise these 6 things:


1. We will never ask you for money

Partnership is about joining vision and faith to empower you and effectively promote the gospel. It is not a marketing scheme designed to raise funds. We have jobs and businesses just like you, that we use to fund the mission. If you feel led by the Spirit to donate, feel free to do so, but we will never ask.


2. We are good stewards of any financial gift

As our Demonstrate Partners prosper, many of them choose to sow into our ministry. We take these gifts very seriously and you can trust us that 100% goes toward sending the gospel out to the nations. In addition, 10% of all gifts are sown into other ministries which are demonstrating the gospel, so your gift has a rippling effect in helping God’s people.


3. Daily Prayer

Every morning we seek God and intercede on your behalf. Our staff is deeply committed to praying for your wholeness: health, family relationships, financial stability, and your ministry


4. Monthly Newsletter

Each month you will receive a newsletter from the desk of Troy Anthony Smith. In the newsletter he will share what amazing things the Holy Spirit is doing on our travels across the nation. In addition, specific things that the Holy Spirit will share with you to bless your life


5. Word Teaching

We will give you an abundance of teaching and training in how to minister to the lost. Whether it is in the area of healing, prophecy, or deliverance, you can rest assured that you will be fully equipped with the necessary tools you need.


6. Privacy

We fully respect your privacy and the information you share with us will never be shared with any other person, ministry, corporation or organization.


Don’t be a spectator, be a demonstrator. Are you ready to become a Demonstrate Partner? If so click here

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