On Location

Demonstrate It Ministries has spontaneous events throughout the country. Most are just on location at a park, sporting event, or on the street corners. We film these demonstrations of healings so that the world can see it and that Christians will become inspired to do the works of Christ.

If you would like to join us when we are on location follow us on Twitter or Facebook to find out where we will be. The power of God is available to all who will just step out on faith. Do you love God’s people enough to free them of sickness and disease? If so then come out and join us when we are in your area.


Need training?

Browse our site and watch our videos for insight into how to minister to the sick. It’s far more simple than most ‘church people’ would have you to think. Just go do it! Once you decide to let God use you, your only limitation is ‘will you go or will you not go’. If you decide to go, then come out and join us!

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