Getting Healed through Facebook?


I learned recently firsthand that the power of God is not limited to time, distance, or space. So I decided to test it out and  heal hundreds of people from the comfort of my bedroom in my pajamas. How you ask? Using social media such as facebook. I posted a status instructing people to touch the x on the screen and they would be healed. So I laid hands on my computer screen and then clicked the ‘send’ button. Within a matter of seconds I was receiving comments about how people could feel the power of God coming over them and being healed. Over the next few hours I was getting comments from all over the world testifying of God’s healing power. This works because the Internet served as a point of contact for people to release their faith. This is the same concept that the apostle Paul used when he sent his cloth to heal people that he could not physically lay hands on.

If you are reading this I just want to encourage you to step out beyond the comfort zone or what you have seen some other minister do. God is limited to what you know or why you have already seen. John 14:12 says that those who believe in Him shall do greater works! Share this with anyone who needs to be healed.


  1. Dan

    Family healing for various ailments–thank you, Lord

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