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Justin Beiber Gets Touched By God in New York!!


This is a story you are not likely to read about in the mainstream media. A few days ago, February 3, singer Justin Beiber was touched by God. Subsequently on Saturday, he went around New York City trying to find a pool to get baptized in. New York Post’s Page Six reports that he attended Hillsong NY, in which he felt a deep connection to the message that Pastor Carl Lentz preached.

Unfortunately many will read this, and see Justin Beiber in the headlines and automatically scoff at it. Not realizing, the blood of Jesus was shed for him, just like it was shed for you and me. It is only when we fully submit to Christ that the world can see Him shining through us…and then all (including celebrities) will be drawn to that light

To read the full article, click from Page Six, click here

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