Atheist By Anosmia At Flickr

Last Words of Famous Atheists (they may surprise you)


Many of you on this site have probably encountered many atheists in your quest to win the unsaved. Most of them are probably as stern in their unbelief as you are in your belief. Yet have you ever wondered what the last words were for many famous atheists?  As bold and defiant as they are in their unbelief in this lifetime, you would think they would be just as bold towards the conclusion of their lives. Yet this video shows just the contrary. The most glorious time for a Christian is during their last few breaths, anticipating eternal glory. Now this video is not aimed to be a shot at atheists or intended for you to post this link on their websites, it is just for you to know. Without a doubt they will deny it or form some rationalization in their mind to justify their unbelief. It is not profitable to argue back and forth…  yet it is profitable to love and demonstrate the kingdom of God!

Lord I pray that their eyes be opened, before it is too late…


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