New Evidence Suggest the Shroud of Turin is Real!


Now I’m usually not the one to pay attention to ancient relics and things, but I think this story of the Shroud of Turin is quite simply amazing. The Shroud is the sheet believed to be wrapped around Jesus when he was laid in the tomb. What makes this so amazing? For thousands of years, everyone has attempted to disprove it as false, but simply can’t. They have tried to recreate it, but simply can’t.

I am moved by faith, not objects. So if it is real or not, it will not change my belief system. So when I began to research the Shroud I didn’t go to CNN, Google, or any other news publication; I went to the Word of God.

What I found in the Word was even more amazing! Apparently Jesus said that man wants a sign, but only a wicked and perverse generation seeks a sign. So in Matthew 16:4, Jesus said that no sign would be given, EXCEPT the sign of the prophet Jonah. What was the sign of the prophet Jonah? In the story of Jonah, we know that he was in the belly of the large fish for 3 days. Well this cloth was wrapped around Jesus while He was “in the belly of the beast” for 3 days. Could this be the sign that Jesus was referring to?

So the only physical sign that Jesus said we would have, is the one we have! Over the years, skeptics have tried to disprove it. Recently a team of scientists examined every detail of it and still could not determine exactly how it was created, and surmised that it was formed by some form of intense light radiating from the inside of the cloth.

Was the intense light the resurrection power of the Holy Spirit?

The more you study this, the more you will simply be amazed by the power of God!

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