Prophetic Evangelism 103: How to Minister in Power


Do you desire to minister in power? Do you desire for the power of the Holy Spirit to flow through you to touch the lives of the lost, resulting in healing, miracles, and prophetic words? Well this teaching is for you.

Moving in power is far more simple than most would make it out to be. It is not a formula or an 8 step process. This article is intended to be short and simple to understand, so that after reading it you are immediately empowered to go onto the streets and lay hands on the sick and go raise the dead.

First of all this is intended to be written to believers. If you are not a born again believer, none of this will make any sense to you. Second, you need to be filled with the Holy Spirit (see my previous teachings). Although, it is not necessary to be filled with the Holy Spirit to do the miraculous works (although I do not understand why you would not want to be).

As a Holy Spirit filled believer the 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit are at your disposal to effectively minister to the lost. Yet many people have been filled for years and have not laid hands on anyone or have never been used by God for any miracles. I have been to many Spirit filled, Word based mega churches where the Pastor is moving in the gifts and power of the Spirit, yet the people rarely do. The people bring the lost to the Man of God and then he will pray for them in a ‘prayer line’. That is not the blueprint we see in the Bible.

The secret to ministering in power is that it is all about the mindset. To do the works of Christ, you must have the mindset of Christ.  Let this mind be in you that was also in Christ. Who, being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God. –Phil 2:5-6.

As I said earlier, this teaching is not a step by step instruction manual, but rather an unmasking of who you really are in Christ. Once you know who you really are, you will begin to do exactly what He did during his earthly ministry. As born again believer, you are a brand new creature. Jesus literally recreated your spirit being and made you identical to Him. The problem however is that “you” are made up of 3 parts- spirit, soul, and body. Even though your spirit is on the same plane with God, your body and soul (emotions,thinking,senses) did not change at all. So our task is to renew our soul, so that it can line up with the perfect nature of your spirit.

The problem has typically been that there has been so much bad teaching in the church that a person’s soul clogs up what their reborn spirit naturally wants to do. We have been told we are just filthy rags, healing and miracles have ceased, its not always God’s will to heal, etc. So the power of God never makes it from your spirit to your body. Your soul is the deciding factor. Renew your soul and the power of God will flow effortlessly through your body.

A major facet of the mindset of Christ is to know that you have been already equipped with every possible tool to minister to the lost. Every gift, every blessing, literally everything is at your disposal. You are fully equipped, lacking nothing.  Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who hath blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ- Eph 1:3

You are anointed by the Holy Spirit. You don’t need another anointing or a double-portion or a triple portion, you have the fullness of the Holy Spirit. You are just as anointed as Jesus when he walked the earth. Settle that in your mind today.

Many people incorrectly think that if “Pastor so and so lays hands on me I’ll have his anointing” or “if I sow into Pastor so and so’s life than I will have his anointing.” Not so. You already have the fullness of the Holy Spirit.

Once you fully understand who you are in Christ and that you have already been fully equipped to minister to the lost; the next thing is confidence. If all of this is new to you it might take some time for it to become a reality and sink in. But the extent to which you have confidence in who you are is the extent to which you will see the power of God flowing through you. The word confidence comes from two latin words “con” and “fidere” which literally translates to have faith in. So have the confidence you have in God actually is the faith that unlocks the gifts and power of the Holy Spirit.

Remember that the one who is running the entire universe is on the inside of you. Do you really not think he will give you a word of encouragement to minister to a stranger? Or are you not convinced he can heal someone?

Notice I did not say that you must pray for 9 hours a day for the power of God to come upon you. Nor did I say you must fast for 20 days for the “anointing”. The power is already on the inside of you, and once you realize this you will willingly spend more time in prayer and live a holy life. However you are not doing those “works” to receive what Christ has already deposited in you.

It’s not about having a prophetic gift, or a healing gift, but just being willing to be used by God. The greater one is inside of you, and has already equipped you to do the works of Christ. If you come across someone who needs to be healed, you have been equipped to heal them. As you speak to people, thoughts will enter your mind (from God) that will uplift them and minister to them. You are dead, and your real life is hid in him. Christ in you, the hope of Glory!

Heaven is waiting on you to wake up to who you truly are, and what God has already deposited on the inside of you.

All you have to do is be willing to go…

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    sir,pls i need your prayers for my wife,we are trusting God for healing from Ashma and my daughter Divine from sicle cell Anemia and myself from Hepatities.i am trusting the Lord to use you to bring healing to us.



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