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We are beginning a series on prophetic evangelism or power evangelism as many people call it. But all it simply is just allowing the Holy Spirit to minister to people before you actually share the gospel with them. This type of evanglism lets people experience the kingdom of God and all of its glory, then lets them make an informed decision to receive Christ.  O Taste and see that the Lord is good!

So in this 4 part series we are going to break it down as simply as possible how anyone can minister with the Holy Spirit to touch people:

  1. Why Prophetic Evangelism
  2. The Greatest Hindrance to Prophetic Evangelism
  3. How to Minister in Power
  4. The Greatest key to unlock every heart

So we begin with ‘why’ prophetic/power evangelism. The simple answer is because that is the way Jesus and the apostles did it. The original way and intended way to do something is usually the best way. Not only that, but prophetic evangelism/power evangelism is by far more effective than simply passing out flyers about Jesus.

Usually when you approach someone, their hearts are very cold and they are standoffish . They probably have some concept in their mind of what church people are, what religion is, and it probably is not very positive. They probably see you as some kind of religious nutcase who has some sort of hidden agenda. An agenda such as: wanting money from them, get them to come to your church, get them to vote a certain way, or do something that they probably do not want to do. Jesus and the apostles never did any of these things, yet had an extremely high effectiveness rate.

Now of course I have an agenda. My agenda is to let them see how much they need Jesus. But the problem with much of the world today is the real Jesus is not being seen.  Most people see Jesus in a totally different and distorted way (thanks mostly to those who claim to be following Him).  The one most obvious and glaring trait of Jesus is the one that most Christians are not known for- love. His amazing and unfailing love is what actually draws people, not scaring them about hell. With lovingkindness have I drawn you -Jeremiah 31:3

Are Christians known for love? No. They are known for being judgemental, for being full of condemnation. If you asked a common stranger (who does not know Jesus) what his thoughts were of Christians and he will probably tell you they are hypocrites and do not practice what they believe. He will not tell you that they are full of love.

So for any of this prophetic evangelism to work for you, you must be full of love. In fact, you must be full of compassion. Compassion is love in action. You are so moved by the love of God in your heart that it will cause you to act. It will cause you to lay hands on the sick person, prophesy encouraging words to those who are discouraged, and cast out evil spirits to those who are oppressed. It definitely takes love for that.

This type of evanglism can summed up this way: meet the need first, then talk about Jesus. Its hard to hear about the story of Jesus if a person’s stomach is growling louder than your voice.  Even if a person is not physically starving, many people are walking around with hidden hurts that only the Holy Spirit knows about. That is why you need the Holy Spirit to reach the lost. He knows how to dig inside the hearts of men and give comforting words. The Holy Spirit wants to see people free more than we are willing to let Him move through us.  It’s all about the people, its not about you!

So back to our original question: Why do we need prophetic evangelism?

If you try to go and witness to the Muslim and use your Bible, he is going to pull out his Koran. If you witness to the Buddhist, he is going to pull out his holy book. And if you go speak to the atheist, he is going to tell you that man wrote that book and that it has no relevance to his life.

When Jesus walked the earth he used the healings and miracles as evidence that his message was the truth. The miracles opened their eyes (and their hearts) to hear what his message (the gospel of the kingdom). If all he did was talk about the kingdom, people would have looked at him with indifference and could care less. Like today, when a group is out passing out tracts, no one really cares. They glance at it for a few seconds, then toss it away. Yet experiencing the kingdom of God is a lifechanging event.

What is more effective than speaking with someone, and God gives you a sudden word of knowledge that only them and God know. Or when the doctors gave up hope on them, and you come by and heal them. Instantly their heart is open because they just experienced the kingdom of God.

So I challenge you today, to be a vessel for God to touch the people. Over the next few days we will show you step by step how to effectively do this. But first make it up in your mind that you will be used. Don’t just pass out flyers or tracts talking about Christ. Let your hands do the talking. Let your words speak life that will forever change a person’s life.

If you have made it to this website, we know that you probably know the Word. We know that Jesus has transformed your life for the better. But what about the people that are still in the world lost? Who is going to tell them?

Can God count on you to demonstrate his message?

  1. Abiodun Iremiren
    Abiodun Iremiren05-01-2012

    Thank God Almighty for this site.
    Am a Nigerian and living in Nigeria but i want to help in promoting this work through my financial contribution. I dont now know what plans you have for anyone who wants to donate.

    • info

      You can donate by clicking on the ‘Donate’ button on the right column

  2. Datonia

    This is amazing! I am currently the Director of Evangelism at my university and I would like to learn more about prophetic/power evangelism.

  3. Pam

    I want the Lord to use me in this way to be a true disciple of Christ to do it His way and not what they are teaching in some churches today. I want more of Him and less of me. All of Him and none of me.

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