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Prophetic Evangelism 104: The Key To Unlock Every Heart


This is the last of our 4 session study on Prophetic Evangelism. Please go back and read the previous 3 sessions before you put step 4 into use. By now you should be all prepared to step out into the world and shake up the nations. If you have made it this far, these principles should be rooted deep inside you now:

First of all, Jesus commanded us to go out into all nations and teach them about the good news of the gospel of the kingdom. Traditionally, groups have sought out to witness to people by going door to door or on streetcorners passing out tracts/flyers and have seen very few results. So there is a serious need for prophetic evangelism, as it is much better and more effective than simply passing out flyers. (Demonstrate It, Don’t just talk about it!) Then once you decide to actually go out there and be used for God, you must learn to get “you” out of the way. If you don’t get “you” out of the way, the devil will always tempt you with the “what if I say the wrong thing” or “what if it doesn’t work” or what if they don’t get healed?” And this always leads to inaction. Remember, it’s not about “you” anyway, it is all about them (if he used a donkey, he can use you too). Lastly, once you have gotten “you” out of the way and decide to be used as a vessel for God’s love, you must realize that you are fully equipped to handle by the Holy Spirit to handle any situation you are presented with.

So this brings us to the last stage. In session 4 we reveal the key that unlocks every heart. When you approach people, initially their hearts are going to be very cold and unwilling to hear anything you say. This is the stony ground, that Jesus was referring to in the parable of the sower in Mark 4. If the seed falls on stony ground, it will not take root. So how do you soften the ground? What is key that unlocks the heart?

The key is quite simple. It is love. Love is the key that unlocks every heart. When you approach someone, the mindset that you must have is that you are going to love them completely. You are  not trying to get anything from them, or get them to do anything, you are simply there to love them. If you have the mindset that you are simply there to love them, the tools that the Holy Spirit will give you will assist you in loving them. If you see someone with a sickness, love says to heal them. If you see someone who is sad and depressed, love says to give them a word of encouragement. There are even things you can do in the natural to accomplish this. If you see someone is hungry, buy them a sandwich!

This is the vision of Demonstrate It Ministries, using the love of God to fulfill the need of the people. As you fulfill the need, then they will want to know about Jesus. After they experience the kingdom of God for themselves, they will be drawn to God’s love. Yet the moment you have an ulterior motive, you clog up the whole system. The moment they sense you are trying to get something from them, such as a donation or a political thing, they will immediately shut down on you.  Just love people, and trust that God will open their heart.

In addition to their hearts being open, you will find that as you move in love, the Holy Spirit will unlock spiritual gifts to you so that you can effectively minister to them. Jesus was moved with compassion. In another words, Jesus was so moved by love, it caused him to act. Sympathy is not the same thing as compassion. Compassion will cause you to do something. So when you see a sick person, you should be moved to do something. And as you move, the Holy Spirit within you will empower you to meet the person’s need. The gifts are all activated by faith, and faith works by love.

So today, be so full of love that it will cause you to act. Allow the Holy Spirit to implant words of love in your mind so that you can minister uplifting prophetic words to the lost. Do not worry about saying the wrong thing. If you are moved by love you will never say the wrong thing, because it is coming from a place of love. Love never fails.

A few months ago, I was invited to speak at a prophetic conference in Northern Georgia, and I was unusually filled with an overwhelming sense of the love of God. Later God showed me that this was how He sees people. With tears in my eyes, I prophesied to all that requested a word, and was probably more accurate than I have ever been. Yet I was not focused on being accurate, I was just focused on sharing the love of God to people. It’s God’s job to provide you with accurate words, it’s your job to just go forth and be willing.

For a more detailed account of that prophetic experience click here to read the story about the secret key to prophesying accurately.

So as we close, I just want to encourage everyone reading this to dare to be bold and let God use you. He is just looking for whoever is willing to go forth.

Being willing is the key to opening the doors of the supernatural!

“God is not looking for gold vessels or silver vessels. He is looking for willing vessels” -Kathryn Kuhlman


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